Jeffrey Flint Archaeological Thrillers

When archaeology lecturer Jeffrey Flint is asked for information after one of his students, Lucy Gray, goes missing, he struggles to find an answer.

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Secrets of the past are archaeologist Dr Jeffrey Flint’s speciality. The deeper they are buried, the better.

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When a field archaeologist is clubbed to death with a stone axe, who better to step into his boots than Dr Jeffrey Flint?

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When an ancient sword is found beside a Somerset lake, the insurance company engages archaeologist Dr Jeffrey Flint to investigate whether this really is Excalibur, the fabled blade of King Arthur.

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When the young archaeologist Maddy Crowe is drafted in to work as costume advisor on a major feature film about the Roman emperor Septimius Severus, she soon finds herself in the backbiting company of Hollywood actors – and a long way from her normal, safe world of academia.

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The Jeffrey Flint archaeology thrillers are shown in the Joffe Books e-book format.
All five were originally released in hardback by Severn House under the pen name Jason Foss, and were updated for the ebook editions.
Collectors can still find the hardbacks on sale from time to time.

Follow this link to see the original cover art and discussion of the earlier editions.

Short Stories

A Vulture Sang in Berkeley Square by Jason Monaghan is one of twenty-five short stories with a musical theme included in this Crime Writer’s Association anthology edited by Martin Edwards.

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