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I love to write, I love a good mystery and I love to travel. Other places and other times enchant me and echoes of the past run through my novels. Now based back in my native Yorkshire I’m currently writing the Agents of Room Z series of thrillers set against the rise of fascism in the 1930s, of which the first Blackshirt Masquerade was published in 2022.

My first five novels were a series of archaeological thrillers featuring the offbeat lecturer Jeffrey Flint, published by Severn House under the pen name Jason Foss. Inspiration came from my early career as an archaeologist, and these were republished as e-books by Endeavour Press. 

A textbook I bought from a second hand bookshop and read in a single afternoon inspired me to become an archaeologist. Six years later I gained a PhD at the London Institute of Archaeology, specializing in Roman pottery and conducting research on Roman pottery industries in the marshlands of North Kent.

The next twist of fate took me to Guernsey to work with Dr Margaret Rule on the Gallo-Roman ship dubbed ‘Asterix’. It was then back north, to York, for five years working on pottery from the Roman fortress. After the publication of Shadow in the Corn I returned to the Channel Islands to write and to work on the Alderney Elizabethan shipwreck project.

My career then took curious turns, including a stint in offshore finance, principally in risk and compliance. The prevention of money laundering and fraud provided ample inspiration for mystery writing. Ultimately I became the Director of Guernsey Museums & Galleries, leading excavations at the Roman fort of the Nunnery, and the adjacent settlement on Longis Common on the island of Alderney. Stories from the islands inspired my first historical novel Glint of Light on Broken Glass and 2022 has also seen the publication of A Brush With Life, my biography of artist Peter le Vasseur.


I’m an active member of the Crime Writers’ Association.

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  1. Hi Jason

    I discussed you kind offer to come to York and give an introductory talk about the Alderney boat and the island.

    Would you be willing to do a talk to either Cafe Scientific or give a lecture to the Yorkshire Phil. Soc? I am an the YPS council and will suggest your name.

    Julie and I would be delighted to offer you hospitality including overnight accommodation if that would help. The YPS always provided meals and travel expenses for lecturers.

    We are currently offering all events over Zoom, with sone live talks in the Tempest Anderson Hall.

    The YPS council meets later in the month and I should be able to get back to you soon with a couple of suggested dates.

    Best wishes


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