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2023 Blackshirt Conspiracy (Historia)


Agents of Room Z Series (Historia imprint of Level Best Books)

2022 Blackshirt Masquerade

Historical Novel, Matador (E-book and paperback)

2016 ‘Glint of Light on Broken Glass’

Jeffrey Flint Archaeological Mysteries (Joffe E-Books)

2015    ‘Blood and Sandals’

2015    ‘Lady in the Lake’

2014    ‘Shadesmoor’

2014    ‘Byron’s Shadow’

2014    ‘Darkness Rises’

Jeffrey Flint Archaeological Mysteries (Severn House hardback, as Jason Foss)

2004    ‘Blood and Sandals’

1996    ‘Lady in the Lake’

1995    ‘Shadesmoor’

1994    ‘Byron’s Shadow’

1993    ‘Shadow in the Corn’

Short Stories 

2022 A Vulture Sang in Berkeley Square, (short story) in Music of the Night, edited by Martin Edwards.

2005 ‘Islands That Never Were’, CIP (as Jason Foss)


2022 A Brush with Life, the Art of Peter Le Vasseur (Lutterworth)

2020 ‘Occupation to Liberation; Guernsey, Alderney and Sark 1940-45’, (Guernsey Museum)

2018 H Sebire, P de Jersey and J Monaghan, Roman Guernsey, Guernsey Museum Monograph 9 (Oxbow)

2010 ‘The Story of Guernsey,’ (Guernsey Museum)

2001 ‘A Shypp Caft Away About Alderney’, (with Mensun Bound), Alderney Maritime Trust

1997  ’Roman pottery from York’, The  Archaeology  of  York vol.16/8

1993  ’Roman pottery from the Fortress’, The Archaeology of  York vol. 16/7

1993  (with  Margaret Rule) ‘A Gallo-Roman  Trading  Vessel  from Guernsey’, Guernsey Museum Monograph 5

1987  ‘Upchurch and Thameside Roman Pottery’, BAR 173 (Oxford)

Editorial contributions to E Walton ‘A Guernseyman Goes to War’ (Ed, 2014), P Martin ‘Wrecked’  (Ed, 2015), ‘The Romans in Guernsey’, ‘Guernsey and the Great War’, ‘Tudor Guernsey’, Castle Cornet Souvenir Guide, Fort Grey Souvenir Guide (Guernsey Museum publications)

Shorter Works

(forthcoming) Building D and the Refortification of the Nunnery. For Ald. Soc. Bull LVII.

2022 The Roman Courtyard and Tower Interior at the Nunnery. Ald. Soc. Bull LVI (2021-22), 93-104

2021 Excavations Along Rue Des Mielles, Longis 2017-19. Ald. Soc. Bull LV (2020-21), 78-94

2019 The Roman Gate and Adjacent Building at the Nunnery. Ald. Soc. Bull. LIII (2018-19), 84-96

2018 Excavations inside the north wall of the Nunnery. Ald. Soc. Bull. LII (2017-18), 82-97

2018 (with P de Jersey) Discoveries from the Longis Cable Trench. Ald. Soc. Bull. LII (2017-18), 98-81

2017 Romans and Tudors at the Nunnery. Ald. Soc. Bull. LI (2016-17), 77-91

2015 (with P de Jersey) Further Evidence for Roman Military Activity in Alderney, for Ald. Soc. Bull. XLVIII (2014-5)

2014 Excavations in the ‘Garden’ and on the Rampart of the Nunnery, 2013 Ald. Soc. Bull. XLVIII (2013-14), 84-98

2013 Excavations Outside the Nunnery, 2012, Ald. Soc. Bull. XLVII (2012-13),

2012 Investigations of the Roman Tower and Gatehouse at the ‘Nunnery’, 2011. Ald. Soc. Bull. XLVI (2011-12), 85-97

2011 The Nunnery: Alderney’s Roman Fort? Current Archaeology XXII, no.9. 28-33

2011 A Roman Tower at the Nunnery? Ald. Soc. Bull. XLV (2010-11), 38-47

2010 Archaeological Excavations at the Nunnery, 2009. Ald. Soc. Bull. XLIV (2009), 50- 62.

2009 Excavations at the Nunnery, Longy Common. Ald. Soc. Bull. XLIII (2008), 63- 69

2008 Investigations on Longis Common. Ald. Soc. Bull. XLI (2007), 79-88

2001 ‘The Pottery’ in P. J.Ottaway, ‘Excavations on the Site of the Roman Signal Station at Carr Naze, Filey, 1993-4’, Archaeological Journal (2000) 157, 79-199.

1999 ‘Glass-making and the Sixth Legion at York’, H E M Cool, C M Jackson and J Monaghan, Britannia XXX, 1999, 147-161

1997 ‘Roman Pottery from the Bonded Store, St Peter Port: a preliminary view’, in H. Sebire (Ed), Guernsey Connections: Papers presented to Bob Burns (Guernsey).

1997 ‘Return of the Elizabethan Age’ (Alderney)

1997 Addendum to E. Tetley 1994, ‘Alderney’s Elizabethan Wreck’ (Alderney)

1997 The Elizabethan Wreck, Ald. Soc.Bul. XXXI (1996) 47-49.

1995 ‘Roman pottery research in the 1990’s’, in R. Samson (Ed.) TRAC 92, World Archaeology Series, 148-57

1994 contribution to M J Darling ‘Guidelines for the Archiving of Roman Pottery’, SGRP Advisory Guidelines 1.

1993 ‘New light on Old lights’, Interim vol.18, no.2, 30-33

1993 (with V.G. Swan) ‘Head pots – a North African tradition in Roman York’, Yorkshire Arch. Journ. 65, 21-38

1993   ’Roman wares’, in  A.J.  Mainman,  Pottery  from   46-54 Fishergate, AY16/6, 564

1992   ‘The end is nigh’, Interim vol.17 no.2, 29-32

1992   ’Roman pottery in York – the whole story’, Interim vol.17 no.2, 29-33

1991   ’Pottery from  marine sites around  Guernsey’,  J.  Roman pottery studies 3, 63-69

1991    ’Whatever happened to the third century?’ Interim vol.16 no.4, 39-44

1990   ‘A pot by any other name’, Interim vol.15 no.2, 36-40

1990   ‘Little green men from Gaul’, Interim vol. 14 no.3, 33-37

1989   ‘The Guernsey Maritime Trust Gazetteer 1984-1988’, Trans. Soc. Guernesiaise vol.xxii part 3, 453-465

1988   ‘Made in Eboracum’, Interim vol.14, no.1

1987   ‘Decouvertes Maritimes Provenant du baillage de Guernsey’, SFECAG Actes du Congres de Caen, 39-44

1987   ‘The Guernsey Roman wreck: a visitors’ guide’

1986   (with E.P. Connell) ‘The kiln at New Ash  Green’,  Arch. Cantiana CIII, 241-243

1985   ‘Modelling variations in ceramic fabric descriptions: some theoretical considerations based on a Roman example.’ Bul.  Inst. Archaeol. 22, 119-123

1985   (with D.J.R. Perkins) ‘Note on the smooth grey ware pottery from the Thorne farm site’, Arch. Cantiana CII, 43-69

1984   ‘Upchurch fine ware’, London Archaeologist vol.4,  no.15, 405-408

1983   ‘Decoy Farm, High Halstow’, Arch. Cantiana XCIX, 279

1983   ‘The Woodruff Collection’, Arch. Cantiana XCIX, 199-218

1982   ‘An investigation of the Romano-British pottery industry on the Upchurch marshes’, Arch. Cantiana XCVIII, 27-50

Contributions to c.20 site assessment reports for developers in York

Magazine Pieces

2014 ‘What, no Dinosaurs?’ History Man, The Rock Magazine Issue 14

2014 ‘Whatever Happened to Asterix?’ History Man, The Rock Magazine Issue 12

2013 ‘Return to Sender’ History Man, The Rock Magazine Issue 11

2013 ‘Get thee to a Nunnery’ History Man, The Rock Magazine Issue 10

2013 ‘Bring up the Bodies’ History Man, The Rock Magazine Issue 9

Reviews and short articles for:

Red Herrings, Bul. Institute of Archaeology, Archaeological Journal, Kent Archaeological Newsletter, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Nautical Archaeology Newsletter, Journal of Roman Pottery Studies, Guernsey Evening Press, Transactions of La Societe Guernesiaise, Dragons Lair, Wargames Illustrated, Miniature Wargames, Slingshot.


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