Byron’s Shadow


Secrets of the past are archaeologist Dr Jeffrey Flint’s speciality.

The deeper they are buried, the better.

Back on home turf in London, memories of excavating Greece’s ancient site of Paleaokastro, and his feelings for glamourous hotelier Lisa, come back to haunt him. What happened the night of Sebastian Embury’s death?

Greeks, Romans, Turks, Germans, Americans and eccentric Englishmen throw their shadows across his path, but who and where is Byron? And while he’s chasing clues buried in history to clear his name, who is chasing him?

Dr Flint is on the case, probing twenty-three centuries of Greek history to uncover a tale of romance, heroism, death and betrayal.

Flint makes a welcome return to build upon the great success of his first appearance in Darkness Rises.

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