Darkness Rises


When archaeology lecturer Jeffrey Flint is asked for information after one of his students, Lucy Gray, goes missing, he struggles to find an answer.

Much like Flint, her classmates don’t recall her presence, and if they do, it is as an outsider with strange interests in Paganism, witchcraft and the occult.

With the help of a local journalist, Vikki Corbett, and an enthusiastic student, Tyrone Drake, Flint begins to piece together the movements of Lucy. When he suddenly receives a phone call from her, warning him off the hunt, it seems it is case closed.

Months later, the Pagan holiday of Beltane looms on the calendar, reminding Flint and Tyrone of the missing student. They begin the search anew, gaining new ground… and each step closer to Lucy will take them further into an unknown world of Pagan ritual and dark magic.

How do you find a missing girl who doesn’t want to be found? Flint must start digging.

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