Talking Blackshirts on Tea with V

As part of the launch of the Agents of Room Z series, I enjoyed a transatlantic chat with Verena Main Rose as part of her Hystery Chronicles; Sunday Tea with V podcast series. Among other accomplishments, Verena is a major force behind Malice Domestic.

The podcast can be downloaded here:

We talk about how I was drawn to set a thriller amongst the British Blackshirt movement of the 1930s, and the process of writing. In particular, how much historical research is necessary and when to know that enough is enough and start to cut it out! Overall the podcast runs over 40 minutes, so best download it for when you’re in the gym or on a long drive; on my last trip to Turkey I got through over 30 hours of podcasts while on the coach.

Blackshirt Masquerade is available now from Amazon and Blackshirt Conspiracy is available for pre-order.

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