Snapshots of the Year

Writing is not very photogenic. Between the cover reveals and the book signings there are mornings tapping at the computer and afternoons quietly reading research books, all punctuated by country walks to work out this scene or that and simply stretch my back. Before this year’s conference season and travel season begins, here are a selection of photographs from 2022 which I’m particularly pleased with.

Wadi Rum, Jordan and watching the sunrise.

Cappadocia, Turkey. I was particluarly lucky to have my phone handy at breakfast when this balloon rose to eclipse the sun. Meanwhile, the moon was setting over Uyghur Castle.

Kruger national park, South Africa. Trying to steady a zoom lens at x50 to capture a heap of vultures and a hyena devouring a young giraffe killed by lions overnight. Also at extreme zoom we saw this lion asleep in a dry riverbed about 75 metres away.

Rediscovering the heritage and landscapes of the UK whenever time permits. Whitby Abbey in July.

And the Channel Islands provide a continual source of inspiration. Above: sunset at Vazon, Guernsey. Featured image at top of page, beacon on the Buttes at the end of Alderney week.

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