Snapshots of the Year

Writing is not very photogenic. Between the cover reveals and the book signings there are mornings tapping at the computer and afternoons quietly reading research books, all punctuated by country walks to work out this scene or that and simply stretch my back. Before this year's conference season and travel season begins, here are a... Continue Reading →

Writer, Archaeologist, Traveller – 2023

Winter keeps up its stubborn rear-guard action, but at least dismal February is done with. All three of my personas have been distracted during the cold months. Normal life stopped for Christmas, then stopped again for my second helping of covid. Essential family commitments ate up much of January and February, squeezing my writing time.... Continue Reading →

We’re Going to Need More Guns

I'm a Brit. I usually only see guns in museum showcases, historical re-enactments and when I pass through Gatwick Airport. Even better, I live on an island with a crime rate low for even Britain where I've only seen an armed policeman onĀ local TV when police are covering a rareĀ 'incident'. I was once the token... Continue Reading →

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