Guernsey Books From Blue Ormer

Guernsey-based distributor Blue Ormer are now carrying stock of books written or edited by me about Guernsey, plus some to which I’m an editor or contributor. Most were previously difficult to obtain off-island barring occasional re-sellers on Amazon. The address for Blue Ormer’s Guernsey history page is here.

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In addition Blue Ormer carry a number of books which I edited and helped compose.

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  1. Fascinating, I would love to know more about the Island of Guernsey. Interesting anecdote, on my Father’s side our last name is McMulin, and my Great-Grandpa on that side, was supposed to have said, that we were from the island, and with our last name often being mistaken for Irish origins, said if he had a drop of Irish blood in him, he would slit his wrists and let it spill out! Wild.

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