Blackshirt Conspiracy

Published by Historia, an imprint of Level Best Books

One woman could bring down a king – unless she is stopped

In the uneasy autumn of 1936, conspiracies swirl around King Edward VIII and his American mistress. MI5 agent Hugh Clifton working undercover within the fascist British Union’s intelligence department has formed his own confidential investigation section.

Treading a delicate line between two masters, Hugh and Sissy are tasked to investigate a dispute between tenant farmers and the Church that spirals into murder. But something far more sinister is afoot, as dark forces manipulate the growing crisis for their own ends. Plots within plots draw the agents of Room Z into danger.

The second of the Agents of Room Z series set against a Britain under the shadow of fascism.

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Selected Reviews (may contain spoilers!)

‘In Blackshirt Conspiracy, Jason Monaghan sets a tale of treachery against the extraordinary backdrop of the British Abdication Crisis of 1936. In the real world, a resolute Prime Minister forced a reckless monarch off the throne. In this slice of alternative history, fascist schemers cause events to take a darker turn…’

Martin Edwards


‘This amazing book has certainly been an eye-opener for me as it covers a period of history that I knew very little about.  It a very well-balanced book and gave me enough insight to that era without being over whelming.

The fascists are trying to obtain power and it seems will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.  Hugh Clifton is in charge of Department Z, he and his agents are on the frontline of the fascist movement with Clifton having the ear of those in higher places but is all as it seems!  He is a believable character and often finds himself with conflicting emotions about events that are happening, and it makes you understand how sometimes no matter what you believe in there are always two sides.  His engagements do tend to be quite perilous at times and danger is always around the corner for Hugh and his group.

The book is well paced, ensuring a lovely smooth transition between chapters. Characters are well thought out and I could imagine and picture them very well.

If you enjoy an intriguing and satisfying book, this one should definitely be on your list.

Happy reading.’

Dee (Goodreads)

“A powerful and gripping narrative with a shocking outcome.”

Leigh Russell

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