A Writer’s Year

January is a hectic time at Guernsey Museum, as we turn around all the temporary exhibition spaces in three weeks. For me it means checking and proofing all the wall text, and numerous press releases. New Year's Day is also when I like to pitch into the new book - NRT in the case of... Continue Reading →

Jason Joins A for Authors

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I have signed up with London Agency A for Authors. I am looking forward to working with Annette Crossland and Bill Goodall on a new mystery series. 2018 is going to be an exciting year. With Annette Crossland

Crimefest 2017

Mix 150 panellists with a wave of crime writers and readers in two streams spread over four days in the Bristol Marriott and that was Crimefest 2017. I flew in late Friday so caught the second half of the programme, starting with the CWA party in the Palm Court where this year’s Dagger nominees were... Continue Reading →

Guernsey Literary Festival

It was close to home in more ways than one. I’m not on the organising Committee, but our Castle hosted some Literary Festival events and I had three slots to participate in, so it was a busy few days preceded by a week of preparation around the ‘day job’. The fun began with a reception... Continue Reading →

Alderney Literary Festival

This has to be the best literary festival in the land (if you count the tiny island of Alderney as 'in the land'). Its cosy, its intimate and its focus is firmly on history: historical fiction, biography and non-fiction. As the speaker's room at the Island hall only accommodates an audience of 50, there were... Continue Reading →

'Upchurch' was my first book, published by BAR in their no-frills fashion directly from my manuscript. It was a distilled-down version of my PhD thesis, typed on a 256k Amstrad. Incredibly the statistics were processed on a 124k Spectrum fed by a tape recorder and viewed via a black and white portable television. As the BAR is... Continue Reading →

My final lecture in the Celts & Romans series was given as the Alderney Society's Mendham Lecture on 9th July. This time I gave an update on our ideas about Roman Guernsey and Alderney, following on from the previous lecture which had covered familiar ground. It was also the first chance to discuss the 'new'... Continue Reading →

Romans & Celts Lecture Series

I'm giving three lectures as part of the Celts & Romans Treasure & Trade exhibition at Guernsey Museum. The first is on Tuesday 9th June on 'Romans in Guernsey' and the Second on Tuesday 23rd June on 'Guernsey's Roman Ship'. Admission is free and the lecture starts at 8pm in the Frossard Theatre, Guernsey Museum.... Continue Reading →

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