The Fun is in the Detail

Peter le Vasseur’s pictures can at first glance appear to be beautiful nature pictures. Look again, look closely and you can find detail that adds meaning to the work, sometimes indeed its title. This has been part of the fun of working with Peter and writing A Brush With Life.

The title of Worlds Apart (1989) comes from the tiny airliner in the top right of the picture where the artist imagines he’s sipping a cool drink as he flies over the desert

The examples could continue – a drone up in the frame of Eye in the Sky, Helicopters in the side frame of Paradise Lost, a real diamond embedded in Deadly Diamonds and the man taking a pee in El Dorado. They are fun to spot and add extra depths to the works, often underlining threat to the endangered ecosystems Peter depicts.

Peter Le Vasseur: A Brush With Life is now on sale from Lutterworth, Amazon and your local shops.

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