Launch Week!

It’s launch week for Blackshirt Masquerade, which has entailed a flurry of social media posts, blogging and cross-sharing. A key part of the launch was giving a talk at the Alderney Literary Festival entitled ‘Was British Fascism Doomed to Fail?’ Given that Hugh Clifton’s undercover work aims to thwart the fascists, his success seems pre-ordained but he doesn’t know that. Told that ‘no heroics’ are required, his mission turns out to be nowhere near as straightforward as promised.

In mid-flow at the Alderney Literary festival (photo and lead image Lucie Stribrska)
The book cover lent itself to the production of promotional bookmarks (and we can never have too many bookmarks, right?).

In the run-up to publication day I also wrote a series of short pieces for e-zines and websites. ‘Fascists – the Perfect Villains?’ for the Crime Readers’ Association blog. A pair of features in Case Files issue 55 includes a peek into my study, and you may want to guess which of the mystery ‘interesting snippets’ is mine. The Level Best publication The Dames Docket issue 12 includes a piece on Twisting History. Subscription to all three is free.

Look out for pieces in the April Editions of The Big Thrill and Mystery People. If you liked the book, please give it a short review or just a star rating on Amazon, Goodreads or Bookbub.

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