Publishing Deal for “A Brush With Life”

I’m pleased to announce that I have signed a contract with Lutterworth Press to publish A Brush With Life in summer 2022. It’s my third new contract with a publisher beginning with the letter L  in the last year. The book is the result of discussions with artist Peter Le Vasseur and research into his work over the past three years. A certain pandemic has not helped expedite the project!

Lead image: Detail from Nuclear Ark IV (2015) copyright Peter Le Vasseur

Peter Le Vasseur’s art depicts the beauty of the world and the pressure that humankind exerts upon it.  Not content with merely creating highly researched nature art, his work carries an ecological message often ahead of its time. Unusually for an artist he builds in the detail of contemporary life during the decades though which he has lived, painting in a meticulous and distinct style. His art is thoughtful, and sometimes ironically amusing.

Tattooed Sailor (1964) (c) Peter Le Vasseur

He escaped the Channel Island of Guernsey with his parents just before the German Occupation in 1940 and grew up in London as a refugee. Winning a scholarship to art college he went on to create pop art for one-man shows in major London galleries and sold to the Beatles, film stars and aristocracy. A Brush With Life presents the definitive work on Le Vasseur’s life and work, charting his progression from fantasy works to political pieces, book illustration and environmental paintings.

I’ve been adding notes to the text on ecological and environmental problems highlighted in Peter’s work, although as I’ve been writing the book a succession of disasters across the globe have made the warnings in his work even more stark. The upcoming UN Climate Change Conference has much work to do. 

The book has been made possible by the generous backing of Guernsey-based Aspida Advisory Services, which is an enthusiastic proponent of Green Finance. Additional support has come from Guernsey Arts, and I thank both sponsors for enabling the book to come to fruition. Publication is scheduled for August 2022.

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