Flint is Back…Again!

A piece of good news to start 2021 with. I have signed a deal with Lume Books to republish the five Jeffrey Flint archaeology thrillers as ebooks. These were originally published by Severn House in the days before ebooks were even dreamed about.

I’m sure indeed that Flint would disapprove of ebooks. His adventures take place between the middle 1980s and early noughties and whilst he stubbornly resists technological progress, his sidekick Tyrone eagerly adopts the PC, the mobile phone and the internet as the books progress. During a crisis in ‘Blood and Sandals’ Maddy Crowe shouts at him in despair, ‘Why the bloody hell don’t you buy a mobile phone?’

Ranging through London, Kent, Yorkshire, the West Country and Greece, offbeat university lecturer Dr Jeffrey Flint is the reluctant investigator of mysteries with roots in the past. He is assisted by a shifting cast of fellow archaeologists, students, tour guides, reporters and even a costume designer. He battles corruption, pseudo-science, academic rivalry and official indifference in his dogged search for the truth.

Researching the books was great fun, although they are peppered with incidents not so far removed from those of my early days in archaeology. It will be great to see Flint back in ‘print’, and I’ll be plugging the books one by one as they come back onto the market.

Lume Books website

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