Test digs in Alderney

Undertook two quick test digs on Longis Common, Alderney. One by the Nunnery was looking to explain a depression (a 19th century road?) and a mound (a sand dune). The other sampled the previously fertile site at the Kennals where Roman deposits still lurk within a metre of the surface.

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  1. Dear Jason, is it all possible to know, re Longis Common, who were the group from the UK digging a Gallo-Roman site there in the 1950s, finds from which I see were recently given to the Alderney Society? I might be able to help with any ‘who’s who’ queries, from my current research.
    Colin W, Edinburgh

    1. Colin thanks – I believe it was the Field Observer’s Club, operating out of the Natural History Museum. Jacqueline Palmer may have been running it at the time. Have you seen the report? If not I’ll email it to you.

      1. Oddly enough, I’d heard of the FOC a few years ago, when I was fondly reminiscing about a museum club I’d belonged to as a boy, only to have it dismissed as a ‘poor McCopy’ of the original FOC … did they not have some London region archaeological
        connection, Francis Celora-era too? I’d be interested to see a copy of the Alderney report, please. Good crisply-written blog by the way – very ‘you’, rather than generic.

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