I Canna Break the Laws of Physics

It was Scotty's iconic line from Star Trek, which of course broke the laws of physics every episode. This goes beyond Sci-Fi though and into the world of thrillers and adventure, whether books, TV or films. The special effects geek in 'When the Dust Settles' explains to Maddy that if a film director wants a man thrown... Continue Reading →

…on the Way to the Forvm. Part 2

The working title for the book was 'Woad Movie' - an in-joke if there ever was one. Maddy Crowe was an ancient costume expert assisting the wardrobe department of the latest Roman Epic. When I heard about 'Gladiator' being filmed and I stopped writing, in case it completely shot my fox. Once I'd seen the movie I... Continue Reading →

Third Novel

Keen-eyed readers of this site will have worked out that this blog was coming up sooner or later... Shadesmoor was my third novel, and in many ways the easiest I have ever written. It was sold as part of a three-book deal, at which time I had a title and a synopsis. It was the... Continue Reading →

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