Blackshirt Masquerade

Published March 2022 by Historia, an imprint of Level Best Books

He’s the fascist’s new hero – and he plans to bring them down

London, 1935, and the Blackshirts of the British Union of Fascists are on the march. Disgraced army officer Hugh Clifton is recruited by MI5 to infiltrate the Blackshirts, but unwittingly becomes a hero of the movement.

Drawn into street battles against communists he uncovers a plot to bring mayhem to Britain and undermine the government. He is being watched by the sinister intelligence unit known as ‘Department Z’ as they are based in Room Z at the fascist headquarters. The best way to beat them is to join them.

Socialite Sissy is searching for a friend who vanished inexplicably, and the two investigations become entwined. The mis-matched couple face danger and treachery as they unravel the facts, and Hugh must decide who to trust ­– and who to betray.

The first of the Agents of Room Z series set against a Britain under the shadow of fascism.

ISBN 978-1-68512-096-2 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-68512-097-9 (e-book)

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